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The Department offers a Masters Programme. The degree awarded for this programme is named Master of Population Sciences (MPS). The MPS Programme Department of Population Sciences was established in 1999 under the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Dhaka in collaboration with UNFPA with a view to create a generation of trained people for the nation. The department focuses on developing skills and creative judgments in individuals for understanding and making effective management of population issues through a multidisciplinary approach.

The Department of Population Sciences contains a specialized library and computer laboratory along with other facilities.  is of 2 (two) years duration divided into 4 (four) semesters. Each Semester is of 19 weeks, including 15 weeks for class teaching and 3 weeks for holding the semester final examinations.

The programme is open to individuals, coming from different disciplines, who plan to specialize and build careers in population related areas such as population, resources and environment; gender, population and development; reproductive health; reproductive biology and population genetics; population, management and planning; population policies and programmes; population analysis and operations research; migration and urbanization; reproductive health and quality of life; public health and nutrition; population and communication; demographic analysis and population studies; collection, processing and analysis of socio-economic, demographic and health related data.