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1.       Invited speaker for the mail session on Climate Change and Health in the 7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH): "Global Change, Migration and Health". Held in Barcelona, Spain from 3 - 6 October, 2011.

2.    1st International Conference on Climate change effects and Energy development of Bangladesh (ICCEB. University of Bonn Germany on 21-23 July, 2011.

3.       5th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change, from March 24-31, 2011, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

4.     13th Annual Scientific Conference (ASCON XIII) on "Science to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage “from March 14-17, 2011 organized by ICDDR,B Dhaka, Bangladesh.

5.    “Mix Methods Research for International Health” in the Institute of Public Health, Heidelberg University, Germany from June 19 to 30, 2010.

6.     "Climate change and health - research methods", held in Umea Centre for Global health Research, Umea University, Umea, Sweden from January 18 to 29, 2010. 

7.       41st Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health in Taipei, Taiwan. 2009.

8.       Kartini-Asia Network for Gender and Women's Studies in Bali, Indonesia. 2008.

9.       40th Asia Pacific Conference of Public Health in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2008

10.   40th Asia Pacific Conference of Public Health in Saitama, Japan. 2007

11.   3rd Interest International Conference in Lusaka, Zambia. 2007.

12.    International Conference on “Maternal and Child Health” organized by the Department of Population Sciences in cooperation with UNFPA, Bangladesh. From August 18-19, 2007, Bangladesh.

13.   “Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Poverty Reduction, Reproductive Health and Health Sector Reform”. Offered by World Bank Institute (WBI), Washington, from August 14 to 25, 2006, USA.

14.  “Applied Health Research” held in Health Social Science International Program, Mahidol University, Thailand from 14—26, December 2005 with the scholarship of WHO regional office for South East and South Asia, Thailand.

15.   “Women, Men and Development” organized by Women’s Action and Research Initiatives (WARI), at Ambassador Hotel, Thailand from 11 March to 18 March 2005.

16.   “Formation of Social Capital Among the Rural Women in Bangladesh” at the International Conference on Gender and Women in South Asia, held in Thailand, Ambassador Hotel, Thailand from 10—21 March 2005.

17. 2nd International Symposium on “Maternal and Child Health (MCH)” at Salaya Campus, Mahidol University, Thailand from 11 to 13 December 2004.

18. E-learning Course on “Health Outcome for the Poor” from 09 November to 27 December 2004. Offered by World Bank Institute (WBI), Washington, USA.


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