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2014. Haque M. A., Revati P., Louis V, Sauerborn R: Use of traditional medicines to cope with climate-sensitive diseases in a resource poor setting in Bangladesh. Bmc Public Health 2014, 14:202,
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-14-202.
2013. Haque M. A., Budi A, Azam Malik A, Suzanne Yamamoto S, Louis V, Sauerborn R: Health coping strategies of the people vulnerable to climate change in a resource-poor rural setting in Bangladesh. Bmc Public Health 2013, 13(1):565, doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-565.
2012. Farhana H., Khan S. H., Haque, M. A.. Levels, Trends and Determinants of Fecundability in Bangladesh: AComparative Study Using Bangladesh Health and Demographic Survey (BDHS) Data. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine. Vol. 2, No. 3.
2012. Haque. M. A.; Yamamoto, S.; Malik, A. A.; Sauerborn, R.;. Household’s Perception of Climate Change and Human Health Risks: A Community Perspective. Environmental Health, 2012, 11:1. doi:10.1186/1476-069X-11-1.
2011. Hossain, K. A. H. M; Haque, R.M.; Sultana, R.; Ahsan, T.; Dana, G.P.T; Haque, M. A. Addressing women’s reproductive health needs in Bangladesh’s health policy. Social Science Review (The Dhaka University Studies, part-D), Vol. 28, No.2, December, 2011.
2011. Jeshmin, A.; Yamamoto, S.; Malik, A. A.; Haque, M. A.;. Prevalence and determinants of chronic malnutrition among preschool children: a cross sectional study in Dhaka city. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition. Oct.29 (05) 2011.
2011.  Haque, R.M.; Hossain, K. A. H. M.; Sultana, R.; Shaikh, M. K.; Haque, M. A.;. Women’s health and wellbeing in relation to gender, poverty and health interactions. Volume 5, Issue 2, 2011.
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2002. M.M.Salehin, S. Shill and Haque, M. A.. Impact of Micro Credit Program of Grameen Bank and BRAC on the Socio-economic well-being of the Rural Poor in Narsingdhi District", Bangladesh Journal of Training and Development  Vol.15, No. 1&2.
2000.   Haque, M. A., & others.  Anomalies in the Process of Investment and Implementation of BRAC and Grameen Bank’s Credit. Bangladesh Journal of Training and Development: Vol –13. No. 1& 2, 2000: Pp.43-49.  
2000.  Haque, M.A., Tanvir Sultana, and M.H. Rahman. 2000. Impact of CVDP on Production and Income in a Selected area of Comilla District. Bangladesh Journal of Training and Development:  Vol. –13.  No.  1& 2,  Pp.141-148. 
2000.  Haque, M.A., R.A. Begum, M. F. Alam and F. Ahmed.  Level of Awareness of Grameen Bank Credit Receiver and Non-Receiver Rural Women Regarding Opportunity for Improving Standard of Living.  Bangladesh Journal of Extension Education: Vol. 11& 12. No. 1& 2, Pp101-106.
1999.  Haque, M.A.; & M.H. Khan. 1999. Impact of Barind Multiple Development Project on Socio-economic Development in Rajshahi Region. Bangladesh Journal of Training and Development: Vol –12, No.1& 2, Pp. 25-32.

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